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The major curled up in the stone fireplace of the bombed out farm his men sheltering around him in different corners, he could hear the approaching tanks. There was a loud explosion he felt the pain as the shell hit the farm house and then silence. He woke and looked around a woman was bending over him. 'Are you an Angel?' he said. 'Sshh, I am sister Mary Johnson. You are in an American hospital and safe now. What is your name?' He shook his head. 'I don't know.'”Well, go to sleep now we will speak later.'

When he woke up he couldn't remember anything; they called him John Smith. Many months passed in the healing of John and they fell in love. When eventually he was discharged Mary took him to her home in Cheshire to relax and get well. When visiting a specialist in London an accident occurred and his memory returned he was Major John Hamilton Cooper of Grantley Hall in Windsor. Mary was forgotten except for a photograph in his wallet he knew that this woman was the answer to the missing years and he had to find her. Two people then were looking for each other without success, but things take a strange turn in Paris and the results are tragic.